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Friday, July 22, 2016

Skates welcomes A5 parking restrictions

Assembly Member Ken Skates has welcomed the introduction of parking restrictions on a busy main road in Llangollen.

The Clwyd South AM has been pressing for double yellow lines to stop parking opposite Stans of Llangollen on the A5 for more than a year,

Mr Skates (pictured on the A5), who is based in the town, said: “The Welsh Labour Government confirmed in February that the work would be prioritised, and I’m glad that my constituents’ concerns have been listened to and it has now been completed.

“I hope this will help improve safety on what is a very busy main road.” 

Residents had complained that parked vehicles opposite the garage caused an obstruction, particularly for older pedestrians trying to cross the road.

Mr Skates recently took over responsibility for trunk roads when he was appointed the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure.

He added: “The Welsh Government has always maintained its intention to do this. I’m pleased to have been able to act upon local concerns and get this matter addressed.”


  1. Another photo opportunity for good old Ken

  2. Stan's is a great facility for the town. tonight I saw a log-jam at the pumps that had backed up onto the A5 and through the castle street lights. Some thoughtless folk leave their car blocking the pumps while they do a shop. They need to find a way to resolve this.