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Friday, January 8, 2016

Market Street to get 15 extra parking spaces

* Market Street car park is to get 15 extra spaces.

Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies has welcomed news that 15 extra spaces are to be created at the town’s Market Street car park.

He has been told to by county officers that nine will be added by marking out in the area where the recycling bins were previously stored, on the easterly end of the longest double bank of spaces and the removal of the redundant kerbed island near the back or southerly end of the car park.
Another six spaces will be created in the area occupied by the garages which have now been demolished.

The officers said that the council is awaiting an exact date from the contractor but was hopeful the work should take place within the next few weeks.
Cllr Davies said: ““I have been pushing for these car park spaces for the last three years and am pleased to see that the works at Market St car park are finally coming to a satisfactory conclusion.

“This will give, in total, an extra 15 much needed spaces in the middle of town.”

1 comment:

  1. The town's parking problem would be better served if Cllr Davies addressed the fact that the car park in the development, formally known as Sainsbury's, has not yet been activated for everyone's use, particularly visitors. Part of the deal in getting the controversial planning permission was the allowance of extended visitor parking, but this, like everything else connected to the development, has gone pear-shaped, including the reputation of the local politicians, forcing the development on a community, whose majority were opposed to it. As all vehicles in all such car parks are parked at their owners' risk, it cannot be an insurance matter that is holding up Sainsbury's honouring their side of the deal, so what is it? The usual reluctance to throw good money after bad, I suppose, and, while that may satisfy Sainsbury's shareholders, it doesn't help those who have a genuine stake in Llangollen.