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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Emma plans charity trek to Llangollen

By kind permission of Nantwich News

* Emma Husband and her dog Timo.

A woman suffering from a rare thyroid disease is to trek from Nantwich to Llangollen with her rescue dog in aid of charity.

Emma Husband and border terrier cross Timo will be completing the 60-mile trek in May along the canal.

She wants to raise funds for the Dogs Trust after seeing the work the charity did when she took in Timo two years ago.

Emma, 40, has suffered from Graves Disease for nine years, which means she has an overactive thyroid gland.

And the regular radioiodine treatment she receives at Christie in Manchester leaves her very tired and results in some memory loss.

But she is determined to overcome this to complete the walk.

Emma, from Stockport, said: “This is quite a big challenge for me and my dog as I have a thyroid disease, so get tired quickly.

“And my dog was abused before my husband Neil and I rescued him and he was quite broken when we got him, just over 2 years ago, so sometimes can struggle being social.

“We always had dogs in my family when I was young and I always wanted a dog of my own but my situation never allowed for it.

“Neil then started to work from home and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to adopt a dog.

“I am very into my animal welfare, so there was no way I would ever buy a dog or a cat, there are so many unwanted pets in rescue centres and dogs homes that need loving warm homes.

“Adopting a rescue dog can have its challenges, as Timo did.

“When we adopted Timo he had just turned one-year-old, he didn’t trust us at all, particularly men, he would run into the corner of the room and shake if he saw a brush.

“He wasn’t house trained at all.

“We have now had Timo for just over two years and lots of people comment on how much of a different dog he is.

“With TLC and boundaries, he has come on leaps and bounds with his confidence growing every day, he can show people how lovely he is now.”

* You can support Emma’s 60-mile trek by visiting her just giving page, or text Timo65 £5 to 70070

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