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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

17 fined for dog fouling and littering

Denbighshire County Council’s tough stance on dog fouling and littering  in the county continues – with a further 17 people receiving fines through the courts for environmental crime.
All 17 individuals received a £75 fine following recent court hearings at Llandudno Magistrates Court. They were also ordered to pay £85 costs and £170 in court costs.
Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Lead Member for Public Realm, said: “Our residents have told us they want to live in a clean environment and that is why we have made cleaner, tidy streets one of our main priorities in Denbighshire.
“The majority of residents in our county treat the environment with complete respect and that leads to a better quality of life and improves the visual image of the area.
“However, there is a minority of people that are responsible for environmental crime such as dog fouling  and littering and don’t clean the mess.  Those are the people we are targeting as part of our on-going education campaign which has received support from local communities.
“We will not tolerate examples where people wilfully allow their dogs to foul in public or drop litter.  Enforcement action is very much a last resort and we will continue to be vigilant and work with communities to try and rid our communities of any kind of environmental crimes."

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