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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Llan's bid to become a "slow" town

Llangollen is taking a fast route to officially becoming a slow town.

The town is currently bidding to become part of the Cittaslow movement, a worldwide organisation which aims to show a community is serious about sustainability – economic, social and environmental.

It developed from the Slow Food Movement, another international scheme which links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment by promoting local, seasonal produce and reconnecting people with where their food comes from.

The name Cittaslow is derived from the Italian word for city or town and is pronounced almost like 'cheetah'. Slow is English. 

Under the umbrella of the town council, Llangollen has set up a group dedicated to winning Cittaslow status for the town. 

Spokesman and town councillor Phil Thane said: “There are two major reasons for becoming a Cittaslow town. 

“Firstly, it provides a set of well recognised goals that serve to keep the town council and Denbighshire County Council up to scratch. 

“Also, when the council or a voluntary body in Llangollen applies for a grant from Cardiff, London or Brussels being a Cittaslow town shows that we are well organised and  run and should help us bring more investment into the town. 

“We want to involve as many people as possible in Cittaslow Llangollen so we've set up a website to show you what we're doing at 

Cllr Thane added: “One of our first targets is to create a database of local food suppliers 

“We're including anyone growing, rearing or making food within 20 miles of Llangollen. 

“We are also compiling data on voluntary groups and businesses based in Llangollen. 

“Those lists are not complete either but we're getting there.  

“If your business or group is missing, or if some details are wrong please sign up online. Once you have been approved you will be given access to update your own details. 

“Another goal is to have a Slow Food group based here in town. That's being organised by one of our group, Sal Jefford.  

“Slow Food groups – which are run by volunteers - organise a variety of events alongside local food and drink producers and chefs. 

“We will soon distribute posters and leaflets around Llangollen, or anyone interested can email:, or text Sal on  07786 623802 for more information.”
* The Cittaslow bid is being backed by llanblogger.

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