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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cautious welcome for road casualty figures

Clwyd South Assembly member Ken Skates has given a cautious welcome to new statistics which show that the number of casualties on North Wales roads has fallen over the last year.
Data released by the Welsh Government shows that casualties resulting from personal injury road accidents in North Wales has fallen 8% over the last year and by 47% since the mid 1990s.
However, the AM said the figures needed to be treated carefully as the number of casualties has risen in the third quarter of 2012.
He called for a renewed focus on road safety and said important blackspots still needed to be tackled in North Wales.
Mr Skates said: “The figures show a reduction in the numbers of casualties on North Wales roads over the last year and a substantial reduction since the 1990s. This is welcome and shows the messages about road safety are starting to get through.
“However, we do need to keep a strong focus on road safety and bring down the numbers of people who are still being injured and killed each year on roads in this part of the country.
“Unfortunately in North Wales we still have some major problem areas. For example we have seen too many tragic deaths in the last decade on ‘B’ roads which attract a high number of bikers, and we continue to see fatalities along the A55.
“We also need to do more work to tackle particular accident blackspots, such as along sections of the A483. These will require further investment and infrastructure changes over the next few years.
“The Transport Minister Carl Sargeant has proposed ambitious targets for casualty reduction as part of a new approach to road safety until 2020, such as a 65% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured on our roads.
“Having made progress we must continue to work towards reducing the numbers of casualties on our roads. Local Government road safety budgets must be given better protection in these times of austerity if we are to continue to cut the numbers of people injured and killed on North Wales roads.”

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