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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Peace is theme of Oak Street Gallery's new exhibition

* A poster for the Oak Street Gallery exhibition.

* John Evans's picture of Terry Waite in a previous Eisteddfod parade.

Llangollen's Oak Street Gallery has announced its latest exhibition entitled ‘Making Peace’ which runs from today (Wednesday) until July 18, 10am-4pm Friday to Sunday. 

The exhibition is about the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. 

And the gallery's Karl Young said: "It is to remind us of what we do, as an organisation and as a town, to keep our spirit alive while we are limited by Covid restrictions.

"Peace can be defined in many ways, but the one thing it is always is temporary. Peace demands a constant engagement, it is never won, and can only be experienced by doing. 

"Here in Llangollen once a year we gather to engage in peace-making. 

"It is not about treaties and handshakes. Peacemaking for us is dancing and singing together with a joy that comes from acceptance. 

"With a joy that comes from having the old lie of divisions between us broken. In Llangollen when we lift up our voices to Dinas Bran we are saying, ‘what is human in me is human in us’. And on that basis do we foster hope and peace."

He added: "This exhibition is made possible by the help and contribution of a number of people. I would like to thank Terry Waite for allowing me to use his poem ‘Peace’ and for his writing an article of prose on what the Eisteddfod means to him and the world.

"I am also grateful to the poet Aled Lewis Evans for allowing me to exhibit his poems. This exhibition is primary a photographic exhibition with artistic and lively photographs that capture the events energy and spirit. 

"I am very grateful to the photographers Kim Price Evans, Allan Potts, John Evans and Lowri Page for allowing me to show their beautiful photographs. 

"The exhibition has many wonderful Eisteddfod memorabilia. I am also grateful to the Archives Committee for allowing me to use their collection, and to the Chairman of the Eisteddfod Rhys Davies for all his help. 

"Finally, I would like to thank Ann Ankers of the Eisteddfod’s Competitors Club for lending me their Visitors Book. The book will be on display, but its real pleasure comes from reading the hundreds of enthusiastic comments like the two I have copied below.

“'If the whole world could become harmonious and peace-loving like the Eisteddfod.' – Professor Rajpal Singh, Secretary General, Punjab Arts Council, India, Leader of the Heritage Folk Group.

“'Your Welsh welcome is more than we ever imagine. We want to thank everybody for their sportsmanship and their smile. The city Llangollen is wonderful, the festival has such an atmosphere that isn’t really competitive, that makes us even happier. The weather is pretty weird but the Welsh welcome arranges everything! Thank you for a wonderful time!! we hope to come back in the years to come. Merci √©norm√©ment' - Ariane Charlebois, Montreal, Canada."

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