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Thursday, December 3, 2020

'Return our recycling' campaign looks for local support

* Above and below: The Plas Madoc recycling centre.

A Llangollen resident who has started a campaign for the return of a recycling facility to the Dee Valley has given his version of how the area found itself without one in the first place. 

Phil Jones, who has also started a petition to see recycling brought back, claims that while 13 years have passed since the closure of the old refuse tip at Wenffrwd off the A539 no action has been taken by Denbighshire County Council (DCC) on commitments to look for a replacement site or a joint deal with neighbouring Wrexham for Llangollen residents to use its Plas Madoc recycling centre.

He said: "Are you fed-up with the lack of recycling in the Dee Valley and how did we get here? 

"In 2007, Denbighshire CC closed our recycling site at Wenffrwd without public consultation. 

"The matter was discussed at committee, and officers were tasked to approach Wrexham CBC to negotiate an agreement to give access to the Plas Madoc site for DCC residents who had been deprived of their recycling facility. 

"Although discussions apparently began, Wrexham CBC had an ambitious programme to modernise its recycling sites and also build a new one on Wrexham Industrial Estate. To do so, it closed the Plas Madoc site for six months to rebuild it. 

"It seems that the initial discussions stalled at that point, and our council’s officers never completed the task of negotiating a formal access agreement. 

"No-one can say just how many residents of the Dee Valley continued to use the new facility at Plas Madoc when it reopened, but my guess from speaking to my friends is that every household took their bulky recycling waste to this site ‘on the QT’, being careful not to take waste in DCC labelled bags. 

"If your household did make use of Plas Madoc, we are asking everyone in it - of voting age - to sign our petition. 

"Our county council has served us very poorly by failing to sort out this problem for the last 13 years. It will only take notice if you act now to sign our petition."

He added you can support the campaign by clicking this link (we are not asking for donations): 

or, paper petitions are available in Watkin & Williams, Lilly Rose, and Gwyn the Butcher, (Fouzi’s might be closed). 

"Every signature counts. Please get your friends and neighbours to sign up and join our mission to reinstate proper recycling in the Dee Valley." 

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