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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

MP shares call for enforced 20mph limit on Brook Street

Jean Briffett and her guide dog Wendy with Simon Baynes MP outside her home on Brook Street.

Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes made a socially distanced visit to meet Jean Briffett and her guide dog Wendy in Llangollen and to learn more about the concerns of visually-impaired people navigating outdoor spaces in the town.

They stopped off in Brook Street where the lack of pavement outside Jean’s home means she has to step out of her gate and directly onto the road – potentially into oncoming traffic.

She said: “Visually-impaired people, and particularly guide dog and long cane users, rely on the kerb as a way of navigating the streets. 

"It’s extremely worrying for me when I have to go to the shops with Wendy – and I think it’s an issue that needs looking at.”

Mr Baynes said: “Having visited and seen Jean and Wendy cross the road outside her home, and the obstacles they face simply by walking down the road, I fully support her call for an enforced 20mph speed restriction on Brook Street, with clear signage and road markings so that motorists understand the importance of sticking to the speed limit.”

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