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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stuart Davies slams Llan parking study

Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies has slammed a study drawn up by consultants employed by Denbighshire to report on car parking in the town.

And he called for a full parking needs study to be done after taking on board representations from residents and businesses in town.
He says several issues had been highlighted by himself and others ahead of the study.

These included the lack of car parking spaces and of proper enforcement of the existing rules and also “inconsistencies” in the orders governing street car parking.
He said that despite highlighted these points and discussing them with lead officers he was surprised to see that none of them had been addressed by the consultants.

The consultants said that based on data collection, analysis and review, they would recommend a number of traffic management and parking measures to complement the retail offer in Llangollen:

1. Change all on-street parking to one hour limited waiting and improve enforcement

2. Consider introducing Pay & Display control for all on-street parking

3. Redesignate Market Street car park as short-stay

4. Make the Pavilion car park half price or free

5. Consider introducing car park VMS signing on main approaches

Cllr Davies said:
Point 1 – He agrees with, especially the enforcement, this is the subject most complained about to him.
Point 2 - He disagrees with entirely, describing it as “a recipe to kill the High Street where people use the existing parking to pop in to the shops”.
Point 3 - He points out that Market Street is already a short term car park, adding: “What is needed to be done here is regularise the use of the short term by permit holders and complete the scheme to add 15 more places put in place by myself and my fellow councillor.”
Point 4 – He points out The Pavilion car park brings in “much needed revenues, over £10k a year, and could bring in more from tourists if enforced properly.”
Point 5 - He agrees with a proper sign and direction strategy, which he says will help to alleviate the issues.
He added: “The consultants talk about nearly full to capacity but at busy weekends we all know that it is impossible to park or move around as we see people driving around in circles looking for a space to park.

“The consultants also failed to comment on the future health facility where we will be gaining 75 more spaces and the new supermarket where there will be an extra 200 spaces.
“I have spoken to the Town Mayor and my fellow county councillor and none of us were consulted by these people.”


  1. "Point 2 - He disagrees with entirely, describing it as “a recipe to kill the High Street where people use the existing parking to pop in to the shops”.

    What a hypocrite Cllr Davies is. The supermarket, on which he's staked his reputation, will kill the High Street long before any pathetic parking measures. You do wonder how many faces these apparent decision-makers wear.

  2. Point 1 - The most complained about thing in Llangollen is parking enforcement? Does the man only hear complaints from himself?

    Point 2 - Cllr Davies fully supports the town killer called Sainsburys and fining of locals overstaying in parking bays but is against the risk posed by parking meters because they might damage the town centre trade?

    Point 3 - Move the bus storage area out of the centre and you will gain a lot more than 15 spaces!

  3. Surely the extra 75 spaces at the new Health Centre and 200 spaces at Sainsbury's are mainly for their customers and not for the casual visitor to town? The Health Centre spaces will only be available out of hours and Sainsbury's will probably be open up to twelve hours a day.