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Saturday, January 24, 2015

AM asks Crimewatch about Trevaline case

An Assembly Member is hoping a TV appeal could finally solve the 25-year mystery of missing Llangollen woman Trevaline Evans. 
Ken Skates, the Labour AM for Clwyd South, has written to BBC’s Crimewatch programme to ask whether producers have any plans to revisit the case and attempt to finally establish what happened to Mrs Evans, who vanished in mysterious circumstances on June 16, 1990. 
After leaving a note in her antiques shop saying she would be back in two minutes, she was never seen again and her body has never been found. She was 52. 
Mr Skates, whose constituency office is in Llangollen, said: “Mrs Evans’ husband Richard passed away last month, aged 83, without ever knowing what had happened to her.  
“North Wales Police have said the case remains open but the investigation is currently inactive as they have exhausted every avenue. I have written to Chief Constable Mark Polin to see if that is likely to change, and am awaiting a response. 
In all likelihood, the police’s resources are already too over-stretched to consider reopening such an old case without new evidence emerging. And while it may well prove fruitless, there is a chance – however small – that a fresh appeal on national television could yield key information. 
“Millions of people watch every edition of Crimewatch and, despite the great length of time that has elapsed since Mrs Evans’ disappearance, you just never know.” 
Mr Skates added: “I’m sure Mrs Evans’ surviving family will never lose hope that they might find out what happened to her, and I would urge anyone who has information which could help to contact police. 
A quarter of a century is an incredibly long time, and this is a most unusual case, but of course it’s possible that someone still alive today knows what happened.” 

1 comment:

  1. Good Grief, how much more in the way of smoke and mirrors is Ken Skates going to generate to take the spotlight away from the Dobson&Cowther/Sainsburys debacle and his part in the abortive exercise?
    This is the 5th Llanblogger promo for him in a fortnight. Resurrecting the murder story of a local person, whose friends and family will surely not need reminding of her death's lack of closure, is particularly disturbing and frankly callous.
    We now have a nasty looking new factory on what was once a green field site in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, plus we have a red-brick eyesore on the edge of town.
    Perhaps Skates could confront that current situation, instead of trying to divert attention from himself with such cheap tricks as the above.