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Friday, January 30, 2015

AM presses for action over A5 "danger" spot

Assembly Member Ken Skates has vowed to continue to push for parking restrictions at a "troublesome" spot on the A5 in Llangollen.

Clwyd South AM Mr Skates has been working with councillor Stuart Davies to get the Welsh Government to introduce double yellow lines to stop what he says is dangerous parking opposite Stans of Llangollen on Berwyn Street.

Mr Skates, who is based in Llangollen, said parked cars were causing a major obstruction for pedestrians – particularly elderly residents – trying to cross the road safely to access the shop and post office inside.

He added: “The Welsh Labour Government’s Transport Minister Edwina Hart appreciates our concerns over this issue, and has instructed officials to ensure funding is considered for the necessary work in the next financial year.

“I’m hopeful it will be signed off and carried out as soon as possible, and will continue to press for a speedy resolution to what is becoming an increasing problem for many of my constituents.”

Cllr Davies said he was "pleased to see the traffic scheme promised by the Trunk Highways Authority finally coming to fruition".

1 comment:

  1. While the undynamic duo of Ken Skates and Stuart Davies are ordering the yellow paint for the double lines outside Stan's, hopefully they will buy in bulk for more of the same double yellow lines alongside the forthcoming Sainsbury's. What's restraint of trade for Stan's should equally be restraint of trade for Sainsbury's. On a Bank Holiday or busy weekend afternoon A5 traffic is queued back to Berwyn station. Add to that near stationary mix all the new supermarket traffic and you have a gridlock of unimagined proportions. But not to worry, in three years time Skates and Davies, assuming, of course, that either is still in office, will be calling for the closure of Sainsbury's in order to ease the dangerous traffic congestion on the A5. Of course, they could in the short term notice that there's a pedestrian crossing opposite the sorting office, the building next door to Stan's. Doh!