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Friday, February 7, 2014

Next moves for Cittaslow Llangollen

* The Mayor, Cllr Bob Lube, accepts official Cittaslow status last summer.

Town councillor Phil Thane outlines the next moves in the development of Cittaslow Llangollen:

Last year the working group set up by the Town Council to win Cittaslow status for Llangollen was successful in its aim, and more recently Cittaslow Llangollen was awarded £500 from Denbighshire County Council under the Participatory Budgeting scheme.

Now they need to make Cittaslow useful for the whole town.

Cittaslow status is awarded to the whole town, so even townsfolk who've never heard of it stand to benefit, and anyone who lives or works in town should be able to influence how Cittaslow Llangollen develops.

To make this a reality most of the old working group met with the Town Clerk on Tuesday 14th Jan to discuss how to proceed.

Communications between Cittaslow Llangollen and the wider Cittaslow organisation in the UK and worldwide will be through the Town Clerk, and the membership fee is paid by the council, so clearly they have an interest.

However, it is important that the whole town can have a say so it was decided to form a new community group, 'Cittaslow Llangollen', with an executive committee of 12 members. These will be: Four officers: Chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary; two councillors seconded by the council;
six others to represent and organise work on the six Cittaslow goals.

This plan was approved by the council meeting (Jan 21st) and it is hoped that we can organise the first election for Cittaslow Llangollen at the annual Town Meeting on Thursday, March 27 at 7pm in the Town Hall.

Following the election and selection of members, the group will meet to elect its officers and allocate the other roles. A constitution for the new group is being prepared by the original team and the town clerk for the next Cittaslow meeting (12th Feb), but of course once properly set up the new Cittaslow Llangollen group may wish to modify it.

* Format this year for the Annual Town Meeting this year will be that after the Town Mayor’s Report there will be the opportunity to ask questions and raise any issues of concern.

However in order to ensure full answers can be given it would be useful to have questions submitted in advance so that there will be sufficient time to obtain any information required.

Anyone wishing to ask a question or raise any issue should contact the Town Clerk, on 01978 861345 or email   

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