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Sunday, February 9, 2014

AM calls for more cold calling protection

North Wales Assembly Member, Mark Isherwood has called for Welsh Government action to ensure more older people in Wales are protected from scams and doorstep crime.

Speaking in Darren Millar AM’s Short Assembly Debate Older People, Scams and Doorstep Crime’, Mr Isherwood highlighted the inconsistent provision and enforcement of no-cold-calling zones across Wales and urged the Welsh Government to address the matter.
Mr Isherwood, who in December raised the problem with the First Minister, referre d to Age Cymru’s ‘Scams and Swindles’ campaign which is calling for Welsh Government intervention to tackle the postcode lottery and consequently provide more older people in Wales with protection from criminals who ruthlessly steal from them through scams and swindles.
Speaking in the Chamber this week, Mr Isherwood said: Gwynedd’s zero no-cold-calling zones, although it has one pilot scheme, contrasts with the situation in Monmouthshire, which has zones covering 8,000 houses—21% of the total. In Denbighshire, 12.3% of homes are covered. In Wrexham,  it is 2.41%, and in Flintshire, it is 1.04%. So, there is a huge range of need.
“When I recently raised this with the First Minister in the Chamber, I referred to Age Cymru’s call for no-cold-calling zones and for the Welsh Government to intervene to tackle the inconsistent provision and enforcement of these zones across Wales to protect older people. He replied that his programme for government sets out plans to extend no-cold-calling zones.
"However, programmes and plans are no substitute for action. If done properly, no-cold-calling zones are cheaper than painting yellow lines on the road and far cheaper than dealing with the consequences of scams and swindles. Therefore, let us tackle the postcode lottery and, perhaps, consider an opt-out scheme across Wales.”

1 comment:

  1. Good Evening Mark
    I hope you are well; I would like to update you on the No Cold Calling Zones and the gold standard/quality of their operating and delivery in Flintshire.
    Flintshire schemes are not about putting a street sign and providing stickers for windows. They are about supporting the people who live in them and helping them to keep safe and protected as well as assisting to improve their quality of life.
    Currently we have 64 zones supporting 680 properties - to an exceptional high standard each receiving an annual health check including equipment and services.
    It would give me great pleasure to introduce you to how we set these up, coordinate and resource these. I hope you will take this opportunity and come and see for yourself the differences that these have made to the people who live in them. Shortly we will begin to ignite a further 111 zones supporting over 1,800 properties.
    My warmest regards Denise
    Flintshire & Wrexham Watch Association
    Mold Police Station, King Street, Mold CH7 1EF
    Tel 01352 708118