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Monday, February 17, 2014

Group formed to save Plas Madoc

A group of experts and community representatives has been formed to work on an urgent plan to save Plas Madoc Leisure Centre.

The team has been brought together following a meeting of campaigners, local councillors, third sector organisations, Wrexham Council officers and experts in energy conservation and social enterprises.

The meeting on Sunday to form a plan of action was called by Clwyd South AM Ken Skates and organised by Cefn Mawr councillor Derek Wright.

Labour AM Mr Skates said: “People are extremely anxious about the possible loss of Plas Madoc Leisure Centre because of the UK Government's austerity programme, but Sunday’s meeting has provided us with Plan B and an alternative to closure which I hope Wrexham Council will help us deliver.

“I am extremely grateful to those people who gave up their time to attend what was a last-minute event to look at alternative ownership models for Plas Madoc. I know many more people would have liked to attend and I will be seeking their views and assistance this week.

“We agreed to form an efficient working group and to tap into the required expertise needed for a viable business plan for the future of this popular facility. We will need time to develop the plan, but the desire, knowledge and energy needed to save the centre is definitely evident.

“I am keen to see the centre remain open while Plan B is developed and I hope everyone, regardless of their politics, will be able to come together in a constructive way as a matter of urgency. I also urge current service users to stay loyal to Plas Madoc while we invest time and effort in trying to protect it.”

Mr Skates added: “Above all, one message is clear. UK austerity and welfare reforms are devastating the country, so now more than ever before we need to stand up for our most vulnerable communities, otherwise they will crumble. That means we must be united and put all our energy into delivering solutions to impending public service cuts.

“By 2020, Wales will be getting 20% less from Westminster than we were getting at the start of the decade, so alternative ownership and operational models for council-run services need to be initiated right now.”


  1. Just to clarify to your readers:
    His Labour party, if in Government in Westminster, have said that they would continue with the austerity measures;
    He bleats that Wales will receive 20% less from Westminster yet he and his party oppose giving the Assembly tax varying powers which could result in a more competitive tax environment in Wales bringing in much needed revenue.
    Please don't let politicians off the hook by allowing them to make statements which sound good to your readers but their actions go completely contrary to their words. They need to be challenged!

  2. Derek Wright can save Plas Madoc - by voting against the budget proposal on the 26th of February. Ken Skates is just trying to spin this to protect his Labour mates.