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Monday, February 10, 2014

Councillors urged to "do the right thing" over Plas Madoc

Council leaders meeting on Tuesday to decide the fate of Plas Madoc Leisure Centre have been urged to "do the right thing" by campaigners.
In an open letter to Wrexham Council's executive board, the Save Plas Madoc Leisure Centre campaign said: "The level of opposition to this plan to close Plas Madoc within two months is unprecedented. Thousands have signed petitions, registered their objections and joined our mass protests. In a few short weeks, despite attempts by the council to rush this decision through, we have mobilised a mass movement to oppose this plan.
 "The council's executive board meets on Tuesday (11th Feb) and has a simple choice. Officers and consultants are recommending that councillors ignore the views of the people and close Plas Madoc to save £96,000 a year - a drop in the ocean for an organisation with a £200m+ budget.
 "We urge the 10 councillors to do the right thing and side with the people's opinion to save a well-used leisure centre for future generations.
 "We know there are some councillors who are willing to challenge the consultants' recommendation to close. We are delighted that they have stood with us and hope that others will come over to our side and show some courage.
 "We will be monitoring the vote closely at the executive board on Tuesday and hope that everyone in the borough is aware of how their representatives are voting on Plas Madoc. This is an issue that has united the people of Wrexham like no other recently - we will not allow councillors to ignore the people's voice on this.
“All we are asking for is a bit of chwarae teg – fair play for the communities surrounding Plas Madoc.”
The campaign is organising another lively protest at 1pm on Tuesday outside the Guildhall before the meeting of the Executive Board. Everyone is welcome to attend with banners, whistles, placards and pots and pans to make a noise.

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