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Friday, April 19, 2013

New app encourages people to grow their own

During the current National Gardening Week, Crunchd has announced the launch of a pioneering new social platform to incite and inspire people to grow and share their own food.
Combining a website and a free app for both iOS and Android smartphone users, Crunchd is the first of its kind to enable anyone with a Facebook account to use the Crunchd app to find out what’s in season, what other people are growing and cooking, and whether people in their area want to trade their produce when it comes to harvest time.
  • The platform navigation and information is tailored to the user allowing them to search and discover Crunchd according to their location
  • Nearly a third of all British adults are now sprouting their own
  • Crunchd hopes to revolutionise the way we source our food and build communities which in time will save people money
  • Crunchd provides a platform for people to share and view seasonal recipes and record growing status.
  • Users can gain progress badges such as the ‘Elvis Parsley’ badge for singing to their crop
  • The app has a beautiful design and user interface created by Synth Media
People like the concept of growing your own food and the romantic ideal of the good life, but when reality sets in people find it hard to get started and worry when things don’t quite work how they would like to.
Crunchd is there to offer support, find like-minded people, and learn from those in the know. Crunchd has also put together the most popular organic and high yielding seeds made available via the online store which can easily be grown outside, inside or even in window boxes and other city garden spaces, with a growing guide supplied as well as all the support from, it is time for cities to embrace grow your own.

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