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Monday, April 15, 2013

Anti-dog fouling firm wins warm praise

Shop the dog foulers by ringing 0800 2300234

A company employed by Denbighshire County Council to help address issues around dog fouling and littering has been praised by residents for creating visibly cleaner streets in the county.

Kingdom Security Services, the company contracted to carry out environmental enforcement for the council, has teams of enforcement staff working across the county who have joined forces with the authority to rid our streets of dog mess and litter.

Teams are kitted out with video cameras to patrol hot spot areas on the lookout for anyone who fails to clean up after their dog or throws litter on the street.

A resident of Maes Afallen, Corwen recently reported dog fouling in a children's play area.

They said: "I complained to the council about a woman who was regularly allowing her dog to foul in the children's play ground near to my home and not picking it up and also about the dog owners allowing their dogs to foul on Railway Walk near Maes Afallen.

"The response I received was without doubt everything I could have asked for. Enforcement officers came here immediately and now the problem has been sorted out. I have been given dog bags, signs and have been promised a bin for the play area.  I understand that the litter has also been cleared from the Railway Walk.

"I am over the moon with Denbighshire's response I can't fault them. Some commitment is clearly being shown dealing with the problem of irresponsible dog owners."

A Rhyl business owner said of their experience:  "As a local business owner in Rhyl town I am heartened to see the introduction of high profile enforcement officers regularly patrolling the town centre.

"I have watched the officers carefully since they started and have questioned them about their role, they were very open and told me what they did and the reasons why Denbighshire had engaged them.

"In the short time they have patrolled Rhyl I can see that there has been a huge improvement, the streets are much cleaner and more pleasant to walk in. I fully support the enforcement of littering and especially dog fouling. It is about time the couldn't care less culture changed and I believe that the reputation of Rhyl will change for the better. I can say I actually feel safer being in Rhyl.

"The council provide plenty of bins in the town so there is no excuse for anyone littering especially throwing the cigarette ends on the floor. We should report people we see allowing their dogs to foul and accept that we can help clean up our environment. Anyone who gets caught and fined has only themselves to blame. I support the council's actions."

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Lead Member for Environment, said: "We are delighted to receive such positive feedback for our efforts to clean up the streets of Denbighshire. The company is an integral part of this success.

“Dog fouling and littering are two of the most common complaints we receive here in Denbighshire. It was highlighted in our latest resident’s survey as one of the most pressing issues in communities.

“Not only is dog fouling a health hazard, it blights the environment in communities across the authority and now is the time to tackle the issue robustly.

“We will be looking to engage with communities, educate people on the need to clear up after their dogs and make it much easier for people to report through a freephone number and social media as well as the more traditional methods of making a complaint.”

To report problems with dog fouling please call freephone 0800 2300234.

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