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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Water waste of a precious resource

* The drinking water gushes into the canal.
A novel way of topping up the Llangollen Canal seems to have been discovered.

Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon one of the service points supplying utilities to boats tying up on the stretch after the wharf in the direction of Fron was freely gushing gallons of drinking water – straight into the canal beside it.
One wonders how long it had been leaking in this way and why something had not been done to stop it.
There was a yellow and black tape tied around it, so somebody in charge of the canal must have known something about it.
There’s clearly no shortage of water here.
But who is paying for it, llanblogger wonders.
If the new Canals and Rivers Trust which is in now charge of the canal cares to explain we'd be delighted to publish their reply.


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