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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Railway chairman hands out warm praise to volunteers

The chairman of Llangollen Railway has handed out a warm pat on the back to the dedicated band of volunteers who keep the organisation on the rails.

In a message to them he said: “2012 has been a very busy year especially for all those who volunteer and make it possible for the railway to run at Llangollen.

“From Thomas in February to the major nine-day SSS3 Gala in April, a railcar event in June, a special Jubilee Thomas event, followed by the 60's Weekend in July and a Classic Transport weekend in August through to this weekend's Autumn Steam Gala have all demanded very many hours of our time.

“Even as I draft this note at 10.31 on Sunday night I'm sure some volunteers will not have arrived home yet after being at the Railway today.

“It is always risky to single out people for special mention but I'm sure we all agree that those who are in each morning, many hours before most of us, to get the engines and trains ready and do not leave until some of us are already home, deserve a special thank you.

“On behalf of the board it gives me great pleasure to be able to thank you all for a job well done.

“Llangollen Railway has an excellent reputation thanks to the volunteers and staff that make sure that our visitors enjoy the experience of visiting our railway.

“You might be able to make some use of this as an acknowledgement of what it takes to make it all happen - the volunteer effort deserves wider recognition as without them the Railway wouldn't be here.”


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