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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Council bags a recycling initiative

Denbighshire County Council, in partnership with Local Social Enterprise Co-Options, has re-launched its  existing clothes recycling scheme, with an introduction of a red bag for unwanted textiles.

The council says the introduction of this red bag has seen a massive increase in participation and the generosity from local residents has supported a scheme which provides employment opportunities for local people with and without disabilities.

After a successful trial in Rhyl, the scheme will now be rolled out further with the intention of delivering the red bags to all properties in the county which receive the x2 wheelie bin service.

The red bag is for any unwanted textiles (including children’s and adults’ clothes, shoes, belts, handbags, curtains and bedding, but not pillows or duvets, and will be collected on the same day as your blue bin.

The support from local residents has allowed Co-Options to extend their shop on Wellington Road, Rhyl and‘Kit Out the Kids’, now sells a full range of adult clothing too.

John Turner, of Co-Options, said: “We would like to thank everybody for your tremendous support so far.

“If you have not yet received one of our red bags, we have not missed you. It is our intention; to hand deliver a red bag to each property who receives the x2 wheelie bin service over the upcoming months.”


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