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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Health changes are "for the worst" says Llan Protest

I fully support  Mike Edwards, Chair of Keep Llangollen Special, in saying we need Ken Skates to ensure our Cottage Hospital remains open, at least until a new facility is opened (llanblogger September 4).
I fully support  the notion that the Cottage Hospital should be kept open for beds and minor injuries, and that the proposed facility at the River Lodge be shared with the Powys Fadog community hub, which is complementary to the proposed Social Services, and that Oakleigh be refurbished for mental healthcare.
And that the Regent Street Health Centre be retained for consultations, because its location is perfect, and its other functions be shared out between the Cottage Hospital and the proposed new Health Centre.
This “Healthcare in North Wales is changing” is a change for the worse, there can’t be any doubt about that.
Once again, I call upon Ken Skates to nail his colours to the mast and support the community in the manner I’ve described here.
As Labour in Westminster is so fond of claiming that “Plan A isn’t working”, Welsh Labour’s Plan A for the NHS is a complete dud. Scrap it.
Martin Crumpton
Llangollen Protest

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