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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Town's 2020 Project is within budget, says county council

Denbighshire County Council has given llanblogger a progress report on the town's ongoing 2020 Project, explaining that it is "within budget" and due to finish by the end of next month.

There has been speculation locally that the scheme to widen pavements on Castle Street along with other modifications to the traffic system was running over budget and also behind schedule.

When llanblogger posed these questions to the council, a spokesperson responded: “The Llangollen 2020 Improvement project, which started in October, is being undertaken by Denbighshire County Council in partnership with Welsh Government and Transport for Wales.

“The project is within budget and due to be completed by the end of May.

“The scheme was developed following extensive consultation with the local community, local county councillors and Llangollen Town Council and aims to improve pedestrian access to the town as well as improving the flow of vehicles.

“This work provides more space for pedestrians and improved pedestrian crossing facilities making it easier for pedestrians to walk around the town centre, while upgraded traffic signals will improve the flow of vehicles.”

When work on the scheme began last October, the council said that it would take up to six months to complete. 

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