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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Council apologises for postal voting information error

Denbighshire County Council is apologising to postal voters in the county for an error in an information sheet recently issued with postal ballot papers. 

The information sheet referred to the wrong ballot papers. In addition, the information sheet informed voters that they can vote for one candidate only which is clearly incorrect for multi-member wards and for Town and Community Council elections. 

The postal vote packs contain the correct ballot papers for each voter. There is no error on the ballot papers- they are printed correctly and contain appropriate instructions to voters on the number of votes that they may cast. 

The Council has posted the correct information sheet on its website and has contacted 6,900 postal voters and a further 285 people through text messaging, advising them of the error on the information sheet. Importantly, the Council is also sending a letter in the post to all those who have received a postal vote to correct the information initially received. All candidates standing for election are also being sent a letter. 

Graham Boase, Denbighshire’s Chief Executive and Returning Officer said: “We sincerely apologise to all the candidates in the forthcoming elections and all those members of the public who requested a postal vote for this error.  

“Whilst it is clear on each of the ballot papers how many votes can made per ballot sheet, the information sheet accompanying the ballot paper provides incorrect information, which may understandably have led to some confusion. 

“Immediately following the error coming to light we took every mitigating action we possibly could.  We sought advice from the Electoral Commission and the Association of Electoral Administrators and we sent an e-mail and text message to every postal voter that had provided us those details.  Information also appeared on the Council’s website and through its social media channels to provide similar information and advice. Importantly we are also sending a letter through the post to everyone who requested a postal vote advising them of the error. 

“Since the error came to light I have carefully considered our response and believe that, given the ballot papers contain the correct instructions to voters, the package of mitigation measures is appropriate in all the circumstances. 

The Elections Unit reiterates that postal voters should follow the instructions on the ballot papers and ensure that their postal votes are returned to the Elections Unit before 10pm on Thursday, 5th May 2022. 

* Further information is available from the Council’s website:  If any postal voter believes that they have already returned their postal pack and have followed the incorrect information, they may, if they wish, ask for a replacement pack by contacting the Election Unit on 01824 706000 (Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm) or by e-mail at the following address


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