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Monday, April 1, 2019

Plan to build lift shaft up to castle unveiled

* Dinas Bran Castle could soon be reached by a lift shaft inside the hillside.

llanblogger April 1 exclusive

Llanblogger understands that consideration is being given to a dynamic new project for Llangollen.

The idea is to provide a lift shaft within the Dinas Bran hill with access up to the castle.

The project would see a tunnel dug into the hill, possibly from near the Army Cadet HQ, that would link to a lift shaft to take people up to the castle.    

A lift shaft pod would be built at the head of the lift within the castle walls in keeping with the architecture of the area and the tunnel would feature two moving walkways into the centre of the hill to the lift shaft base. 

Project spokesperson David Davies says it would be financed by a crowd-funding scheme.  

Acquisition of redundant shaft drilling and tunnel boring equipment might be possible to be purchased on completion of the London Crossrail ( Elizabeth Line) project, he added.

"Reducing the footfall erosion on the hillside the project would have zero impact on the environment and landscape of the castle hill," explained Mr Davies.

"The environment would be one of the prime considerations of the project to ensure that this exciting idea offers another significant tourist attraction to the town and allow visitors and residents, including those of limited walking ability, the experience of the views from the castle."

* Anyone who doubts the viability of the scheme should check out today's date.

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