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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meeting looks at Llan newspapers of the past

To launch the availability of "Tuesday Review" and "Broadsheet" on line,  [  and search for either Tuesday Review or Broadsheet,
there will be a joint meeting of Hanes - Llangollen Museum - and Llangollen Civic Society at the Hand Hotel Wednesday 30th April at 7:30pm.

Peter Jones will give a history of Llangollen Newspapers, from 4th November 1860 to the present day. 

He will also demonstrate how it is now possible to access those from 1868 - 1908 and 1915 - 1919 as well as the newly available 1947 - 1983. 

Janet Wakefield will then show instances of how the newspapers reflected the life of the times that the newspapers were written, by picking out some of the more characteristic pieces of the time. 

For those without access to the internet it should be possible to use facilities at the Library to access the newspapers. 

The museum also holds a collection of the papers from 1868 - 1944 on microfilm, and the digitised copies of Tuesday Review and Broadsheet. 

Hanes provided the bulk of the issues for digitisation, but Llangollen Museum and Llangollen Library were helpful in providing their collections, as were several people in Llangollen.

Llangollen Museum provided the A3 scanner, and the software was bought using a donation from Sara Pugh Jones's first cousin twice removed, in Bogota, Columbia.

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