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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Register your bike to help cut crime, say police

Photograph of a bicycle being security marked
Did you get a new bicycle for Christmas? Or have you treated yourself to a new bicycle in the sales?
If so, North Wales Police are requesting that all bike owners register them to help reduce bicycle crime.
Over recent months many bicycles have been stolen from across North Wales, with many of these being specialist and expensive bikes.
North Wales Police and local Community Safety Partnerships are working in partnership with ‘BikeRegister’ - the UK’s leading online bicycle identification and registration initiative, to help reduce thefts and identify stolen cycles within North Wales.
Bicycles can be registered for free by providing the frame details.
However, options are available to purchase Bronze, Silver and Gold marking kits which offer different levels of protection.
Once registered owners can go onto theBikeRegister website with their unique password and communicate with others. A search facility for stolen bikes and so much more is also available.
If your bicycle is stolen, report it to the police on 101 and flag it as stolen on your account as soon as possible. Reporting your bike as lost or stolen helps the police match its description and return it to you.

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