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Monday, January 21, 2013

Money-saving website launched

Minister for Local Government and Communities, Carl Sargeant, has launched a new website that helps people find information about how they can make their money go further.
The website,, was created by the Wales Cooperative Centre and gives information about a range of services to help people manage their money.
As well as giving details of financial help and guidance available across Wales, the website includes information about affordable credit and savings, news about campaigns and topical stories.

Carl Sargeant said: “At this time of year we all turn our attention sorting our finances out after our Christmas spending. All too often we hear of people struggling to work how they can pay their bills and current cold weather means that the worry of paying for gas and electric is likely to add to these difficulties.

“Turning to a high cost money lender to make the money last to the end of the month is usually not the solution since it could mean an even bigger problem in the months to come.

“This new website will help people make informed choices about how they can best meet their commitments without having to turn to the high cost lenders that prey on the most vulnerable in our society.

“The website signposts sources of financial advice and also gives details of local credit unions, who are ideally placed in communities and offer an affordable alternative to other loan providers.

“This resource will also help financial advice providers to keep in touch with each other so that they can share information and best practice.

”Encouraging such organisations to work together is a crucial in improving financial inclusion and tackling poverty in Wales.”

Derek Walker from the Wales Co-operative Centre said: “At a time when money is tight and increasing numbers of people are worried about their finances we all need to work together to provide the help that is needed.

"The Wales Co-operative Centre has worked with experts in the field to gather that help in the form of an easy to use website. Now we have set it up, our next job is to make sure as many people as possible know about it and use it.”

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