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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'There'll be no stopping them,' says letter writer

llanblogger has received the following letter which relates to our post earlier today about the supermarket planning application:

How can Denbighshire County Council recommend allowing Sainsbury’s to have a cafe when the planning committee meets tomorrow (Wednesday) and at the same time urge people to buy local and support small businesses?
I attended the original presentation to the Llangollen Chamber of Trade & Tourism given by Dobson & Crowther and J-Ross Developments in November 2011.
It was emphasised several times that this was to be a pre-packed food store only, and unfortunately we believed them.
They have already been granted permission for a manned butchery and delicatessen counter and if they are allowed the other concessions including a cafe, on Wednesday, there will be no stopping them until they destroy the delicate balance of our High Street.
Gill Thomas
The Elms

1 comment:

  1. Well said Gill Thomas!

    Just how much do these giant's need?

    The coffee house, cafe culture in any small town is vitally important - it reflects the real 'essence' of a place, locals and visitors mixing and sometimes the pure fun of 'people watching' whilst enjoying the sheer hard work of the people who run these establishments.

    Any one familiar with Alan Bennett's play 40 years on will remember the final speeches - this is not a full quote but...

    "To Let - A valuable site at the crossroads of the earth, of some historical and period interest, some alterations & improvements necessary."

    Somehow, I really don't think so.