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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter about marketing of Oakleigh House

llanblogger has received the following letter as a result of our recent story about Oakleigh House on Abbey Road, Llangollen being put on the market by its owners, the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

Although the sender has supplied their name we are respecting their request to remain anonymous:

Legat Owen Chester are marketing Oakleigh the former MHR  owned by the trust - on their website it is stated POA - ok but then the give a price guide of £350k!

What is going on?  After the fire in the 1980's the house was totally rebuilt and refurbished - as I recall it was marketed before the NHS purchased it for around 250k - even as a health centre the condition of the house was extremely  good, original features, fireplaces, heating - surely it cannont have been neglected so badly in the period of closure - how about an open day for the residents and former users of this resource to see what is on offer for this knock-down price guide.

The market is not good I will agree - but why are the trust not even marketing the asset with a company within the Conwy/Denbighshire area which as far as I remember, managed this much missed and valuable resorce.

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