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Friday, December 7, 2012

KLS cries foul over dog poo bins

A campaign group leader has highlighted what he claims is a lack of receptacles for dog waste in Llangollen.

Mike Edwards, chair of Keep Llangollen Special (KLS), has also criticised the county council for not proving a recycling centre for the town.

* Mike Edwards of KLS. 
Mr Edwards’ comments were sparked by a llanblogger post earlier this week linking to a Daily Post story about dog fouling.
This said that in the past eight years councils in North Wales have received more than 9,250 fouling complaints, with Denbighshire handling over 1,000 complaints since 2008 and handing out 185 penalties to owners.
Recently the local authority agreed an action plan to stamp it out across the county, with a crack team kitted out with cameras to target hotspots.

Since May 2010 there has been a continual campaign to educate and raise awareness of the blight of dog fouling. Denbighshire County Council Enforcement officers issue Fixed Penalty Notices, cautions, warning letters and verbal warnings.

But Mr Edwards said: “Whilst KLS welcome this vital health solution we feel there are insufficient receptacles around town for pet owners to dispose of the offending items.
“There is only one dedicated bin in the Riverside Garden and there are very few other general waste bins around Llangollen which the public can use, and one on the top of Hill Street disappeared recently when the lamp standard was replaced.”
Going to deal with recycling issues, he said: “Whilst it is good that Denbighshire CC have finally provided recycling bins (most local authorities have had them for 20-odd years) we have no recycling centre in Llangollen and residents have to travel to Corwen to dispose of any items which are not catered for in the household recycling bins.
“This is not a sustainable approach since it encourages vehicle journeys on a principal tourist route creating associated congestion and pollution of the environment in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Site Buffer Zone.
“Denbighshire claim to be a leading authority in relation to recycling, but this is not reflected in the current position in Llangollen.
“Perhaps our local councillors could look into these short-comings?”

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