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Friday, December 14, 2012

Reminder to check food hygiene ratings

Denbighshire County Council is reminding consumers of the national food hygiene rating schemes as they prepare to eat out over the festive period.

The National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, knwon as Scores on the Doors, is a UK-wide scheme being developed between the Food Standards Agency (FSA), food businesses, local authorities and other related organisations.

The chief purpose of the scheme is to allow consumers to make informed choices about the places in which they eat out and from which they purchase food, and through this, to encourage businesses to improve hygiene standards.

Restaurants, takeaways, caf├ęs, sandwich shops, pubs, hotels, supermarkets and other retail food outlets, as well as other businesses where consumers can eat or buy food, are given a hygiene rating as part of the scheme.

There are six different hygiene ratings - the top one represents a very good level of compliance with legal requirements and businesses across the country will be rated consistently by participating Local Authorities, so ensuring that they are compared fairly. All local authorities in Wales are intending to take part in the scheme.

All ratings are published on a national website where consumers can see them, and businesses will also be encouraged to display them at their premises.

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Lead Member for Environment, said: "We want people to eat safely this Christmas and people considering eating out in local restaurants can check the score achieved by the establishment prior to dining there. The majority of local businesses do comply with the stringent health and safety rules, but occasionally, some may fall below the standard required and we will ask the business to take steps to rectify the problem."

Ten pages of ratings related to the LL20 postcode covering Llangollen and district can be seen at: 

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