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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Winners and answers for Cancer UK Christmas quiz

Its organiser has announced the winners of - and answers for - the latest Llangollen Christmas quiz, which has raised £667.21 in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Judy Smith, of the charity's local committee, said: "I’m pretty sure that this year’s quiz was the hardest ever, but it seems that nothing can defeat some of you!  

"First Jane Hurle of Llangollen with 49 points, second Helen Watson of Cleobury, North Shropshire with 47 points and third Maggie Shaw of Greasby, Wirral with 46 ½ points = Adrian and Catherine Farrel of Llangollen with 46 ½ points. On drawing from a hat, third prize was awarded to Maggie – sorry Adrian and Catherine.

"Well, what can I say, Jane - however did you do it? And Helen, Maggie, Adrian, and Catherine, you’re obviously brilliant too. 

"In fact, I’d say anybody who got more than half a dozen on that quiz was bloomin’ good!  

"But let me just throw in a few more names that surely deserve a mention -  there’s Pat and Richard Reid of Norwich, and Keith Stacey of Malpas with 46; Nenia Blatsou of Bedford, and Keith and Pat Campbell of Northampton with 45½ and Mike Hough of Wrexham with 45. I’d like to add some more but we had a lot of entries returned and I have to stop there.

"Now a word about the quiz itself.  The first section seems to have given you little trouble, although maybe not that many of you were acquainted with John Ryan’s cartoon of Lettuce Leefe in Girl magazine. Alright – it was a bit obscure, and a long time ago! 

"From the second section I learned a lot, as well as enjoying some imaginative answers. Did you know that a scorpion has 8 legs, as well as a spider? We passed that one!  

"And I was intrigued to find there were ‘30 medieval castles in Normandy’, ‘16 fish shops in Grimsby’ and ‘6 rogues in the government’. Really – only 6?  Thank you for all that ingenuity!"

Judy added: "On a more serious note, we were often told there were ‘6 rounds in a gun’.  No that won’t do, not in every gun.  And another common answer was ‘7 specific (or standard) movements of ballet’ – yes, 7 movements by one reckoning, but you had to invent something for the ‘S’. 

"It was a similar story with 20T in the HPD – if you were thinking of football, you had to invent something for the ‘H’.  I’m afraid we didn’t allow either of those. The main problem was with 10C in the B of E.  

"I had intended 10 Commandments in the Book of Exodus, but there was quite a smattering of 10 Chapters in the book of Ezra (or the Book of Esther).  Both the latter are clearly right, but surely the Commandments are better known?  Well, I have to confess, I didn’t know how many chapters in the Book of Ezra!  What to do??  Where we needed to split hairs (as we did for 3rd place), we awarded ½ point.

"Once again our grateful thanks for your support.  We hope you enjoyed the quiz, and that you will make sure to get a copy of next year’s, which should as ever be published on 1st December.

"And finally, an appeal.  On 28th and 29th May this year we are holding the 4th Llangollen Round Challenge, a 35-mile hill hike that can be completed over one or two days to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, and we expect around 500 entrants.  You can find all the details of this on our website  

"It’s a tough hike, but the views are amazing, there are 5 checkpoints supplying you with food and water, and there’s a certificate and medal for everyone at the end.  

"Amazingly, participants even tell us it’s fun and we have many returning each time we put it on (last in 2018).  So if you know anyone who just could be interested in this Challenge please pass on the word.  We’d be very pleased to see them. Again our thanks."

Quiz answers

1                    Opting about a headless fish (4,7)    Plum Pudding

2                    Harbour (4)     Port

3                    Poet on time (6)     Claret

4                    Island tangled in weed (6,4)   Mulled wine

5                    Small amount (6)    Trifle

6                    Drunk sounds like a French particle (7,5)  Pickled onion

7                    Animal snuggery (4,2,8)   Pigs in blankets

8                    Hazard of running in the Lakes? (7)   Falafel

9                    Audibly regret the pig fat (7)   Roulade

10                Colourful group in an empty pen (3,7)   Red cabbage

11                Money mad about directions (6,4)  Cashew nuts

12                Sounds like John Ryan’s foliage (7)  Lettuce

13                Standard cuts (8)  Parsnips

14                Padding (8)   Stuffing

15                State involved with a waterfall (7)   Chutney

16                Vessel and French colour (9)  Panettone

17                European growth (8,7)  Brussels sprouts

18                Vehicle’s degenerating (7)  Carrots

19                Little kind ones (11)  Clementines

20                We hear you’re going to record it? (4,3)  Yule log 

21                1 E on a C                               1 Eye on a Cyclops

22                2 WDMAR                             2 Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

23                3 L on a MS                            3 Legs on a Milking Stool

24                The S of 4 (ACD)                   The Sign of Four (Arthur Conan Doyle)

25                5 NLB on DD                         5 Normandy Landing Beaches on D-Day

26                6 R in a G                                6 Rowers in a Gig

27                7 SM of B                               7 Stuart Monarchs of Britain

28                8L on a S                                 8 Legs on a Spider

29        D, G, P, R, L, L, E, F, S, the 9 CB the B   Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the 9 countries bordering the Baltic

30        10 C in the B of E                   10 Commandments in the Book of Exodus

31        11 DL in 1752                         11 Days lost in 1752

32        12 Y a S (SN)                         12 Years a Slave (Solomon Northup)

33        13 P in a RLT                          13 Players in a Rugby League Team

34        14 T on a GP                           14 Toes on a Guinea Pig

35        15, the FTN                             15, the Fifth Triangular Number

36        16 FS in G                               16 Federal States in Germany

37        17, the MDA                           17, the Minimum Driving Age

38        18 G in the PT                         18 Groups in the Periodic Table

39        19 P of C in a C                      19 Pairs of Chromosomes in a Cat

40        20 T in the HPD                      20 Teeth in the Human Primary Dentition

41        21, the CC                               21, the Current Century

42        22N, the FD of SC                 22nd November, the Feast Day of Saint Cecilia

43        OL23, the OSM for CI           Outdoor Leisure 23, the Ordnance Survey Map for Cadair Idris

44        24 BB in a P                            4 and 20 Blackbirds, Baked in a Pie

45        25, FTF                                   25, Five Times Five

46        26 B in the HF                                    26 Bones in the Human Foot

47        27 M of U                               27 Moons of Uranus

48        28 D in the SM                       28 Days in the Shortest Month

49        29, the AN of C                      29, the Atomic Number of Copper

50        30 MC in N                             30 Member Countries in NATO

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