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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

County council signs are reminder to keep your distance

* One of the county council signs on Castle Street. 

A series of signs have been placed across Denbighshire as part of a visual reminder for people to continue to social distance when they’re visiting town centres.

The signs have been installed as part of a wider campaign to encourage more people to visit town centres safely.

In June, the county council set up a Task Group to support town centre businesses during and after the re-opening of shops, working jointly with business associations and local communities. 

The council also has teams out and about in our main town centres, monitoring compliance with safety guidelines, as well as offering practical support to businesses, such as signage or posters.

Leader of Denbighshire, Councillor Hugh Evans OBE, who is also the Cabinet Lead Member for the Economy, said: “For more than three months, town centres - the heart of many of our communities - stood still and quiet, with businesses closed and visitors and locals alike asked to stay at home and away from others until things became better. 

“The easing of restrictions on town centre businesses has been a step in the right direction and the council has worked closely with the business associations and communities across Denbighshire to ensure the re-introduction of services has been as smooth as possible.

“The signage is one of a number of initiatives that have been introduced in town centres.  

"Teams of staff from the council have also been working in town centres, liaising with businesses and listening to their feedback.  

"They have also been able to identify what works well and whether there were any localised issued that needed addressing.

“The messages around social distancing are equally as relevant as they were at the beginning of our work and we would like to thank the communities of Denbighshire for supporting this essential work."

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