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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Conservation work resumes on Old Lock Up

* Sue Hargreaves, chair of the Armoury Conservation Trust. 

* The renovated interior of the building. 

* The doorway.

* ... and the door knocker.

Conservation work has resumed on Llangollen's historic Old Lock Up building after being halted by lockdown.

In the last update given to llanblogger at the beginning of this year by the Armoury Conservation Trust which is undertaking the work, the team had just discovered a hidden original stone wall.

Now a trust spokesperson says: "Needless to say, progress has been hindered, and indeed came to a complete standstill, due to the pandemic.   

"However, with restrictions easing in recent months, we've welcomed the return of our team of top tradesmen.

"Stu Morris and son Brad have returned to repoint the stone wall with suitable lime mortar, entirely replace the wooden floorboards,  and insert a new partition wall, as well as fixing and replacing several doors.

"Jason Pryde has rerouted gas pipes, Les Davies has resited electrics, and Roger Morison has done an incredible job of oiling the new wooden floor, stripping and repainting historic doors, iron and woodwork, painting the shop in custom colours and fitting ironwork to our doors.

"Whilst there is still work to be done in the coming weeks, the progress is astonishing.

"The Armoury Conservation Trust is delighted to be bringing this important historic building back into use, and we look forward to our upcoming annual meeting to decide how best to share the space with Llangollen's residents."

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