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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Family's tribute to Llan resident Malcolm Twigg

* Malcolm Twigg in his Llangollen male Voice Choir blazer.
A family member has prepared this special tribute to Malcolm Twigg, the well-known and passionate member and promoter of Llangollen Male Voice Choir, who died earlier this week.

Mal grew up in the valleys of South Wales where he was looked after as a child by the grandmother he always spoke very highly of.
They lived in a converted railway carriage. Mal was sent as a young boy to Aberfan during the terrible disaster of the mud slide in 1966 to help serve hot drinks to the people working non-stop on searching.
As he grew up he turned into a very promising rugby player playing at a high level until a typical shoulder injury put a stop to his career.
In his early 20s Mal was involved in a head-on collision with a lorry in which he was very lucky to survive.
He lost the sight in one eye, and was in hospital for a few months with spinal and head injuries.
Mal met his partner Jan in Llanelli, the town where they ended up living.
It was Jan’s dream to return to Llangollen with Mal to show him around the town where her grandmother and mother had lived.
During this short break away from Llanelli Mal and Jan were standing outside the house in Princess Street where Jan’s family had once lived. They began talking to the current owner who told them it was available to rent and they moved to Llangollen almost straight away.
Mal loved the scenes Llan has to offer and will be remembered by many for posting so many of his pictures on the Llangollen Facebook page.
He enjoyed his walks in the fresh air along the river, took great pride in his flowers and loved to feed the birds. His bird table was never empty.
His biggest passion was Llangollen Male Voice Choir, which he worked very hard to promote, advertise and grow, winning respect and some great friendships along the way. His work and passion for the choir will be missed greatly.
Mal was a man with a heart of gold who would do anything for anyone. He stood strongly by his word.
His final post on the Llangollen Facebook page was: "What a beautiful town we live in."
He will be greatly missed by family members Jan, Ricky, Thom, and Dave Rutherford.

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