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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Extra cash earmarked for sport across Wales

Sport Wales has been allocated an additional £5m to support the delivery of a range of sports facilities across the country.

Money will be allocated to Sport Wales so it can move quickly and contribute to projects across the country that are shovel ready right now.

Funding will be allocated to ensure a good geographical spread across Wales, across sports and support collaborative, multi-sport projects wherever possible.

The capital investment will seek to support the “Vision for Sport in Wales” with a focus on collaborative projects that:
  • Improve and protect key existing sports facilities that support the needs of local communities.
  • Invest in new and different places that meet the needs of local communities.
  • Create a more resilient, sustainable sport sector.
This new funding is in addition to the £5 million announced in the summer for the new Healthy and Active Fund – a partnership between Sport Wales, Public Health Wales and the Welsh Government.
The new £5 million investment for sports facilities in Wales demonstrates a firm commitment to boost delivery on facilities that support an active Wales.

It is also the first phase of investment following recommendations that emerged from the review of sport facilities undertaken earlier this year.

Minister for Culture and Sport Lord Elis-Thomas said: “Whether it’s the hall you do classes in or the pitch you play on, having the right facilities in place has a big impact on a person’s experience – and likelihood of them participating on a regular basis.

"There is a clear need to increase the spread of top-class facilities across the country, but we must also consider how these would benefit local communities, as well as elite athletes.

"Geraint Thomas OBE’s Tour de France win cannot be understated and this is having a strong impact throughout Wales – we’ve already seen bike sales jump and the BBC Sport Personality of the year accolade will cause a further ripple effect – so we stand ready with Sport Wales to act quickly to build upon the momentum that has been gained and promote a cycling, and wider sporting, legacy.”

Sarah Powell, Sport Wales CEO, added: “We have several existing applications from key partners that could benefit from this exciting announcement and we will look to progress with these as a priority. Several 3G and ATP pitch projects across Wales (as part of the existing and successful collaboration scheme) will benefit immediately as will some cycling projects.

“Then, in early 2019, we will develop the criteria and application process for the remainder of the fund. Sport has an incredible ability to deliver wide ranging benefits to our society and we are delighted that the Welsh Government and the Minister have given us the opportunity to invest collaboratively in the development of facilities to further this work.”

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