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Friday, January 11, 2019

County council explains how it is spending £135 million

* County Cllr Hugh Evans, leader of the council, appears in an explanatory video about the Corporate Plan 2017-22.

A five-year plan to improve the lives of Denbighshire residents is already having an impact, says the county council.

The authority's Corporate Plan will see £135 million of investment in key areas aimed at benefiting the county.

Projects include building new council houses, investing in transport and digital infrastructure, protecting and enhancing the environment and supporting young people to achieve their potential.

The council says that so far more than 3,000 pupils have benefited from new school buildings, while thousands of trees have been planted as part of a plan to create green-havens in the county’s towns.

Cllr Julian Thompson-Hill, lead member for Finance, Performance and Strategic Assets, said: “Our plan is to deliver changes in our communities that will put foundations in place for them to thrive and prosper in the long term.

“The plan focuses on five key areas, the environment, young people, housing as well as resilient and connected communities.

“We’ve already started building new council homes – all of which will be energy efficient - and we’re committed to working with communities and providers to improve our digital infrastructure.

“So far things are developing at a good pace and to a good standard, and we’re embracing the challenging goals that have been set for us by our residents. This first 18 months of the plan have laid a strong foundation for the ongoing work of the Corporate Plan.

“We’ll also be working closely with our residents to make it easier for them to deal with challenges in their lives, both by improving support and by listening more closely to our communities and helping them achieve their goals.”

As part of the Corporate Plan, which will run until 2022, other projects underway include flood defence work in Rhyl and extra support for those looking to find work or progress their careers.

Earlier this year the Public Accountability Measures 2017-18 published by Data Cymru, on behalf of the Welsh Local Government Association, showed Denbighshire ranks sixth out of the 22 councils in Wales.

* A video explains the work the council is undertaking as part of its Corporate Plan.

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