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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Winner chosen for Tools of Trade competition

* Competition winner Janet Wakefield receives her £50 prize voucher from Sue Hargreaves, event organiser (right), and David Davies, chair of Llangollen Chamber of Trade & Tourism, the prize sponsors.

As part of CADW's Open Doors event, people were recently invited to take part in a competition called Tools of the Trade  in which they had to try and identify the trade linked to the tool displayed around 47 shops in Llangollen.

A spokesperson for the organisers said: "It was a real head-scratching challenge with some very creative interpretations of the trade of some of the tools.  

"It was a closely fought competition but the worthy winner with a brilliant score of 45 correct answers was Janet Wakefield.

"A big thank you to all who attempted the quiz, to all who supplied the tools and to all the shops who displayed them.  

"In due course we are planning to put most of the tools on display and to invite people to an event to bring a tool and share and tell for all interested in such items."

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