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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Restart party planned for Llan

A Restart Party will be held in Llangollen on Wednesday October 18. 

Local people are invited to bring along their broken gadgets to m’Eating Point from 6pm, where skilled volunteers will attempt to repair the gadgets for free.

The event is being organised by Llangollen Friends of the Earth and others, who hope that the evening will stop objects being thrown away unnecessarily, and save people money by not having to buy replacements. 

Group member Kay Polley said: “Today we’re quite used to just throwing away gadgets after a short space of time, and cheaply buying a replacement.  If you bring your broken items along to the Restart Party we’ll hopefully try and fix it so it doesn’t just get sent to landfill.

“The idea is that anyone who comes along can work with our volunteers to learn some new skills in repair, so that in the future they might be able to fix more of their own things.  It’s called a party because it will be a relaxed event where you can have fun and meet new people too – everyone is welcome to come along.  m'Eating point have kindly agreed to host us; the bar will be open and food will be available to order.”

The group are also looking for more volunteers who can help out with repairing gadgets on the night.  If you have skills which could be used, please contact 07745692104, or search for ‘Restart Party Llangollen’ on Facebook. 

There’s already a second party planned for November 22 at the same time, and if successful it will become a monthly event for Llangollen. 
  • For more information please contact Kay Polley: 07745692104 /
  • The ‘Restart Project’ is a charity based in London which supports groups to hold Restart Parties across the country.  For more information and resources visit
  • Link to the Facebook event page:
  • m’Eating Point is in the location of the old Smithfield pub, Berwyn Street, Llangollen. LL20 8NF. 

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