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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

AM calls for extension of Blue Badge scheme

North Wales Assembly Mark Isherwood is keen to extend the ‘Blue Badge’ Parking for Disabled People scheme to include people requiring temporary Blue Badges.
Speaking in the Assembly Chamber this week, Mr Isherwood told the Transport Minister that measures could be put in place to prevent blue badges being recycled, enabling temporary badges to be issued.
He said: “After I wrote to you last December on behalf of a constituent who was advocating a temporary blue badge, after she had injured herself and was in a wheelchair for a number of weeks and was suffering access problems accordingly, you replied helpfully by referring to the Blue Badge Review Group and stated that it had identified obstacles to temporary badges, such as recovering the badge when it was no longer required and the consequent potential for abuse.
“What consideration has been given, or will or could be given, to temporary badges being provided with dates of duration or expiry or renewal dates on them so that they could not be recycled in that way?”
The Minister said she would forward Mr Isherwood’s contribution to her officials for discussion.
She said: “We have to get this scheme right and it has to be implemented fairly across Wales.”

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