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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Town's CCTV system undergoes an upgrade

Repairs to part of Llangollen’s inefficient CCTV had to be speeded up when police needed to look at it for evidence.

This was revealed at Tuesday’s town council meeting as town clerk Gareth Thomas was giving an update on repairs to the system.
At the June meeting, town councillors agreed to spend around £5,000 on upgrading the eye in the sky camera network, which helps keep a watchful eye on the streets around the town centre.
They heard how the ageing system has become increasingly unreliable and badly in need of an upgrade. 

Two of the cameras had completely broken down while others were faulty – one due to interference from a third party wi-fi system – and another was verging on a breakdown, they were told. 

At Tuesday’s meeting, Mr Thomas said two new cameras had now been fitted but that the one overseeing Riverside was “beyond its sell-by date." 

However, he added: “We have done all we can this year.”

He then revealed how the system’s hard disk, which had also been giving problems, had needed to be repaired as speedily as possible recently when West Mercia Police asked to look at it for possible evidence in a case they were working on.

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