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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Police urge us to keep an eye on schools during holidays

As the school holidays begin a scheme which encourages everyone to keep an eagle eye on schools across North Wales and safe from crime over the summer break has been launched.
School Watch aims to get parents, residents, and teachers as well as the emergency services and the local authorities working together to keep schools and their immediate surrounding areas safe and free from crime and anti-social behaviour.
The latest launch happened in Conwy at Ysgol Bro Gwydir in Llanrwst on Monday, July 15 following launches last week in Denbighshire, as well as in Gwynedd and Flintshire.  
At the latest launch pupils in Llanrwst got to opportunity to learn a little more about the initiative and keeping safe over the summer holidays by Community Safety Officer Ifan Hughes and School Community Liaison Officer PC Meirion Williams. The youngsters then got to explore the police and fire cars present and speak with members of the Arson Reduction Team, the Fire and Rescue Service and Conwy County Borough Council.
“School buildings can become a target for graffiti and vandalism during the summer break and along with encouraging pupils and their parents to keep an eye on their school, members of the local community living nearby are also urged to do the same,” said Ifan Hughes.
“It is important that people continue to support the initiative by being vigilant and contacting us should they see any suspicious or criminal activity in and around the schools.”
Head of Ysgol Bro Gwydir, Meinir Jones said: “School Watch is a good initiative that raises awareness and encourages children to take responsibility for looking after their school.”
Inspector Julie Sheard, who is responsible for the North Wales Police Community Safety Department said: “Schools have a limited budget and valuable resources which should be used to educate children are being diverted to combat theft and criminal damage. School buildings can also become a target for graffiti and vandalism during the long summer break.
“We rely on members of the public for their support and encourage all to report incidents to the police or anonymously via Crimestoppers.”
Leaflets and posters have been distributed throughout North Wales, reminding the public of the scheme which also aims to help stamp out mindless acts which not only affects the school, but the whole community.
Anyone who witnesses suspicious behaviour in or around schools or at school buildings is urged to contact North Wales Police. If you witness a crime in progress always dial 999. Non-emergency calls should be made to 101 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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