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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Agenda for tonight's Town Council meeting



1. Apologies for absence.
To receive apologies for absence. 2. Declaration of Interest. To receive any known declarations of interest in items on the agenda. 3. Presentation To receive a presentation form Haf Wyn-Hughes, Workplace Skills Officer on the Essential Skills in the Workplace project, on behalf of the Welsh Government. 4. Mayors Announcements. To receive announcements form the Town Mayor. 5. To receive statements from the public.

6. Minutes of Meeting.
To authorise the Chairman to sign the minutes of the previous meeting of the Council held on the held on the 21st May 2013, as a correct record.

7. Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting.

To authorise the Chairman to sign the minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held on Tuesday 21st May 2013.

8. Planning Committee.

To accept the Minutes of the meeting Planning Committee held on 23rd April 2013, previously circulated.

9. General Purposes Committee

To adopt the Minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee held on 19th February 2013, previously circulated.

10. Financial Matters.
To consider financial matters and make any necessary decisions thereon.

a) Financial Statement

b) Authorised Payments.

c) Donations.
d) Annual Return.
11. Members Reports.

To accept reports arising from Members attendance on outside bodies, and to make any necessary decisions thereon.
12. Notices of Motion.

Cllr S Burrell: That the Town Council compile and produce an amenities directory.

Cllr M Mile: That the Town Council consider on street parking issues in Church Street.

13. County Councillors Report.
To receive reports form County Councillors.
13. Casual Vacancy.
To consider applications for consideration to be co-opted as a Member of the Council
14. Clerk's Reports.
a) Monthly update.

b) Chain bridge project; to confirm acceptance of grant in aid from the Heritage lottery Fund.

c) Standing Orders; to consider the adoption of the National Association of Local Councils / One Voice Wales Model Standing Orders, copy attached.

d) Consultation Document Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011, copy attached..
15. Correspondence
To consider correspondence received and to make any necessary decisions thereon.  

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