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Friday, July 19, 2013

Keep Llangollen Special's AGM set for next Tuesday

The Keep Llangollen Special group has sent in this reminder about is annual general meeting next Tuesday, July 23:

Shoulder To Shoulder For Llangollen
·        What can you do when the consultation you’ve been invited to is a biased, pre-determined sham?
·        What can you do when the heritage of Llangollen is bartered for things that look good on paper but turn out to be deeply flawed and second-rate in practice?
·        What can you do when you report a potentially hazardous crossing but find out there has to be a certain number of casualties before anything is done?,
·        What can you do when people who don’t live in Llangollen decide its future without asking us?
Lock and load - using our rights and freedoms, combining the new technologies of social media and digital communication, and plain, old-fashioned meetings, to elect people just like you to be your spearhead. We come together to take our lives and livelihoods back into our own hands against those who would exploit us, who think we’re a soft touch.
Keep Llangollen Special, a strictly not-for-profit Community Group – the people behind the popular Buy Local days – was designed to be that spearhead.
It’s holding its first Annual General Meeting on July the 23rd, in the lounge of the Hand Hotel (pictured left) at 7:30 pm, where all the Committee positions are up for election by members of KLS.
You can become a member by going to www.keepllanollenspecial and there are no fees or obligations placed on you. You can attend even if you’re not a member, so you can speak but not vote or stand for Committee.
Over the last twelve months, we’ve realised we don’t have enough people to take lead roles in projects that will bring prosperity and well-being to Llangollen. That’s where you come in; that’s why we need you, the huge number of people who volunteer and do great work: The people who are the heart of Llangollen and make it such an extraordinary place to live – and we’ll work co-operatively with any groups, societies or like-minded individuals for our mutual benefit.
Can you influence what KLS does? Yes – that’s why KLS exists. Can you raise issues affecting Town or inspire projects to attract more business, jobs or facilities we sorely need? Yes again – every project idea will be discussed and voted upon, so make sure you’re a member.
Whether you’re a resident or running a business in Llangollen, it’s worth your while coming along. Together we’ll get more done, and it’ll only take a small amount of your time to be active in KLS.
Keep Llangollen Special

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