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Friday, May 6, 2022

Election results reveal Llangollen's two new county councillors

* The new County Cllr Karen Edwards.

* The new County Cllr Keddie.

Following yesterday's election Llangollen's two new county councillors are Karen Edwards and Paul Keddie, who both stood as Independent candidates.

Cllr Edwards, who is a former Llangollen town councillor, was elected with 626 votes and Cllr Keddie, who has also retained his seat on the town council, with 623.

Both will serve for five years until the next election.

Cllr Edwards said: "I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for me. I will do my best to represent all the electorate in a fair and equal measure. Now the hard work begins."

Cllr Keddie said: "I’m incredibly honoured to have been elected alongside Cllr Karen Edwards.  We will be a strong Independent Voice for Llangollen and the surrounding villages.  I would like to wish the unsuccessful candidates well and will do my best to follow through with their goals, everyone had good plans.

"I will always put you, my friends and neighbours first.  I’d also like to thank formers councillors Melvyn Mile and Graham Timms for their staunch work for us over the years. 

"I will support everybody - not just the people who voted for me."

Sarah Marshall said: "Firstly I want to congratulate Karen Edwards and Paul Keddie on their success.

"It is really encouraging that the Green Party had their best result yet in Llangollen elections for County Council, and also have won two seats in Denbighshire. 

"This puts Climate and Environment issues firmly on the agenda for local politicians."

Stuart Davies, who was bidding for a return to the county council and served until the election as a town councillor, failed to be elected after recording 445 votes yesterday.

He contacted llanblogger to say: "My team and I fought a good fight but didn't make it. I will now gracefully retire from politics to make way for younger people and wish the area's two new county councillors the best of luck."  

The remaining three candidates contesting the two local seats received the following number of votes:

Dawn Butters, Welsh Conservative - 130

Roger Jarvis, Welsh Conservative - 106

Sarah Marshall, Wales Green Party - 543

Full results

As only six candidates came forward for the 11 vacant seats on Llangollen Town Council no election was necessary yesterday.

The remaining five seats will therefore have to be filled by co-option following the election.

New town councillors are:

* Felton Scott Lee

* Gittins Craig, 7 Oak Street, Llangollen, LL20 8NR, Independent

* Haddy Jon Henllys, Berwyn, Llangollen, Denbighshire, LL20 8AL Independent

* Keddie Paul, Ty Cae`r Onnen, 48 Regent Street, Llangollen, LL20 8HS, Independent

* Morris Aled Huw, Independent

* Rush Jen 43 Tyn Y Celyn Drive, Llangollen, LL20 7PN

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