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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Council's update on school attendance guidance

Parents and carers in Denbighshire are being informed that the Welsh Government has reverted back to the use of Fixed Penalty Notices for non-school attendance.

Following an announcement from the Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Denbighshire County Council will follow the guidance to ensure young people are accessing their education.

Geraint Davies, the Council’s Head of Education, said: “Denbighshire is informing parents and carers of the update from the minister for education. We are committed to ensuring school attendance, attainment and the well-being of our young people.

“The Fixed Penalty Notices are to be used in only the most extreme cases, as part of a range of options and when all efforts to engage have been tried and failed, and where it is evident that there are no underlying reasons that are impacting upon attendance at school.

“We ask that parents and carers work with schools and education closely communicating any difficulties and issues that are impacting on their child attending school regularly.

“Where there are genuine reasons for absences these must be discussed with school to ensure Denbighshire can work collaboratively with parents and schools to maintain school attendance of all pupils in the county.”

The new guidance is effective immediately.

Fixed-penalty notices for non-attendance had been available to local authorities during the pandemic, however the Welsh Government had recommended against their use.

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