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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ex-councillor speaks out on mountain fire

Former county councillor for Llangollen Stuart Davies (pictured) gives his personal view of the reasons behind mountain fire which has been burning on Llantysilio Mountain for many weeks.

When I was a lad many years ago it was normal to burn gorse and heather, I used to as a little boy with my Grandad, he had a hill farm in Cheshire.

Since then the tree huggers and bunny lovers have taken over.

The management of places like the Horseshoe Pass has stopped the type of burning we used to do,
consequently we have the build up of what I call brash and the undergrowth gets denser.

This collects year on year and then when a natural fire occurs, instead of it being a "flash" fire it becomes a deep rooted one that hangs on and on in the deep undergrowth.

NRW (National Resources Wales) are the culprits!

They don't allow anyone to do anything there!

Denbighshire County Council, when I was a councillor, wanted to do stuff such as cut the verges and widen them a bit - no, no and no the officers said.

Farmers would like to burn as they used to do every year. Controlled burns keep the rubbish down, gets rid of nasty insects such as ticks and promotes the growth of tender new shoots which grouse graze on!

I notice a few weeks in to the burn that NRW was doing its handwringing bit, ooh the poor black grouse!

Well, if they did or had allowed more regular controlled burning instead of doing the PC bit it is my opinion that the fire would have been well out by now!

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