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Friday, August 3, 2018

Councillor 'delighted' with success of live 2020 session

* Town Councillor Robyn Lovelock (left) and County Councillor Graham Timms during the live Facebook session.

A Llangollen councillor says she is delighted with the reaction to a live Facebook session held earlier this week to gauge public opinion to a scheme aimed at streamlining the town centre’s traffic system.

The Llangollen 2020 Project, which is backed by both town and county councils, Cadwyn Clwyd and the Welsh Government, sets out to create a vibrant town centre that better meets the needs of residents, visitors and businesses.
Ideas it is looking at include creating a more pedestrian-friendly area, an improved network of parking options and improved signage on the approach to and within the town centre.

A team of consultants has been tasked to support the initiative and they ran a fact-finding session outside the Town Hall recently during which members of the public attached post-it notes with their ideas for traffic improvements to a large map of the town centre.
Town Councillor Robyn Lovelock and one of the area’s county councillors, Graham Timms, who are both supporting the project, took to Facebook for a 50-minute live session on Tuesday evening, inviting comments about 2020 from the public.

Cllr Lovelock said: “I’m delighted the clip has been viewed by so many people - over 1,200 - and that it appears to have been appreciated as a way of engaging residents in the process and decisions that will need to be made.
“It was the first public Facebook live session for Graham and I so we were pleased that there were no major technical issues - and I was happy that my nerves didn’t get in the way too much!”
She added:  “We hope this is the first of several conversations about the Llangollen 2020 project, with future sessions possibly discussing the findings from the consultants, the options they propose, and the economic impact study as all of these are published.
“For now, we just want to get as much input into this ideas stage as possible and really encourage those residents and visitors who haven’t yet completed the online survey to do so.”
Cllr Lovelock said today (Friday) was the last day for people to complete the online 2020 survey, which has so far received over 300 responses.

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