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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Arty Dinas Brân students brighten Eisteddfod building

* Dinas Brân students with their artwork.

Pupils from Ysgol Dinas Bran have provided a key building on the site of the International Eisteddfod with a makeover for its 70th anniversary celebrations.

They were invited by the eisteddfod to create a piece of artwork that represented the festival’s message of peace, goodwill and international friendship, which have been transformed into a mural to brighten up the hospitality building.

The mural was formally unveiled on Tuesday when 12 of the 100 children involved attended a reception with eisteddfod president, Terry Waite.

The mural will remain on the building, which is used as a reception centre for international competitors throughout Eisteddfod week, as a permanent installation.

Terry Waite said: “The artworks created by the students from Ysgol Dinas Brân are superb and a great deal of thought has gone into communicating the message of the International Eisteddfod.

“Children’s Day is always a very special occasion and it is vital that younger generations continue to participate in the Eisteddfod and spread its message of peace, friendship and uniting people through music and dance.”

Alison McDonald from Ysgol Dinas Brân, said: “We were honoured to be invited by the International Eisteddfod to participate in this project and the children had great fun creating their artworks.

“It was wonderful to see the mural in place and hope that the competitors arriving for the 70th anniversary celebrations - and for future Eisteddfod – enjoy the installation.”

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